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Join the Pandas Team!

We are a group of restless thinkers, guided by our shared desire to build and grow revolutionary digital products that will change how we treat tech, how we treat our planet.

Let’s connect, create, and discover the next big solution together.

Our Values

Build trust through transparency

We put our customers and partners at the forefront. We are here to respond to their needs in an honest, fair and transparent way.

Do What’s Sustainable

We seek worthwhile ways to solve problems, as we find value in accelerating the transition towards a sustainable planet.

Make a Design-Led Impact

We are dedicated to bringing seamless solutions that create value for people as they do more good by trading in their devices. 

Open Minds Unite

We choose to pursue a unique perspective on the world, create our own associations, and shift our energy towards visionary actions.

Keep the Fun

We are tech-oriented with a twist: we are serious about what we do, making sure we also enjoy the fun side of life (and tech). 

Open positions